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    SFC | Rendez-vous Industry 19.05.18 . 04:45 PM

    The FOCUS COPRO' first edition!

    The Land Within Me (Syzygy)

    The Land Within Me (Syzygy) © Syzygy Project

    In the aim of expanding the activities and help more experienced filmmakers bridging the gap between short and feature, the Short Film Corner and NISI MASA have launched the FOCUS COPRO'.

    For the very first time in Cannes, 5 participants have been chosen to pitch their first feature film project in front of professionals from the Industry, and find the support they need.

    Pitch sessions were hold on Thursday May 17th. Let's put again the spotlight on the chosen projects!

    LosGarcia_FOCUS COPRO' 2018

    LosGarcia_FOCUS COPRO' 2018 ©

    Sabine_FOCUS COPRO' 2018

    Sabine_FOCUS COPRO' 2018 ©

    Syzygy_FOCUSCOPRO' 2018

    Syzygy_FOCUSCOPRO' 2018 ©

    TheLastField_FOCUS COPRO' 2018

    TheLastField_FOCUS COPRO' 2018 ©

    TheSettlers_FOCUSCOPRO' 2018

    TheSettlers_FOCUSCOPRO' 2018 ©