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    SFC | Rendez-vous Industry 20.05.18 . 06:00 AM

    Throwback to the Workshops held at the 2018 Short Film Corner!

    Workshops 2018

    Workshops 2018 ©


    To celebrate the Short Film Corner's kick-off, what's better than learning how to pitch? This tricky task involves catching the eye and inspiring interest in your project. Thanks to targeted tips and a practice session, rid yourself of any pitching anxiety and get the confidence you need to win people over!



    ​Session 1

    Ido Abram - Eye Filmmuseum


    Session 2

    Gavin Humphries - Quark Films / NOWNESS

    Ido Abram ©


    It was an unmissable event! The Helping Hand workshop brings together seasoned professionals, ready and waiting to answer all your questions - the perfect opportunity to get up close and personal with those in the know! From short films sales & acquisitons to distribution, or establishing a Festival strategy, get prepped with all the best strategies.



    Session 1

    Laurence de Bourbon - OCS
    Sales & Acquisitions

    Inga Diev - ​Ouat Media

    Jonathan Hazan - Les Films du Cygne
    From Short to Feature

    Sydney Neter - SND Films

    Franz Rodenkirchen - TorinoFilmLab
    From Short to Feature

    Lucie de Rohan-Chabot - Maneki Films / Full House
    Festivals Strategy


    Session 2

    Olivier Chantriaux - Filmo
    From Short to Feature

    Mona Deeley - BBC Arabic TV
    Sales & Acquisitions

    Yvonne Grzenkowicz - Animation Nights New York
    Animation: the necessity of Network

    Wouter Jansen - Some Shorts
    Festivals Strategy

    Kasia Karwan - The Moonshot Company
    From Short to Feature

    François Morisset - Salaud Morisset

    Laurence de Bourbon ©


    Face the critics: you cannot cheat with the Truth or Dare! After watching your film, programmers, buyers, consultants and film critics share their feedback, straight up and without mincing their words, during a 20-minute interview. A great opportunity to gain opinions on your work and identify your strengths… as well as the important details to improve for your future projects - if you dare!



    Jason Anderson - TIFF (Toronto Int’l Film Festival)
    Hakim Mao - Initiative Film

    Violeta Bava - BAFICI (Buenos Aires Int’l Independant Film Festival) / Ruda Cine
    Bruno Quiblier - Base-Court / Locarno Int’l Film Festival

    Ron Dyens - Sacrebleu Productions
    Danny Lennon - Prends ça court!

    Pascale Faure - Canal+
    Romain Le Vern - Choas Reigns

    Isabelle Fauvel - Initiative Film
    Alice Kharoubi - Festival de Cannes

    Nico Marzano - Institute of Contemporary Arts London / FRAMES of REPRESENTATION Film Festival
    Wim Vanacker - NISI MASA

    Raymond Phathanavirangoon - Peanut Pictures
    Hédi Zardi - LUXBOX