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    Short Film Corner | Rendez-vous Industry Regulations


    The Short Film Corner | Rendez-vous Industry, organized by the "Association Française du Festival International du Film" (the AFFIF), hereafter the "Association", will take place in Cannes, as part of the Festival de Cannes (the "Festival") - from Sunday, May 21st to Wednesday, May 24th. The aim of the Short Film Corner is to promote contacts between professionals having a significant role directly linked to the direction, production, broadcast or promotion of short films.  The Short Film Corner is  not a selection or competitive section. Rather, the Short Film Corner resides in a “Film Market” setting by creating a Film Catalog for use by Industry professionals.

    Article 1 – Fundamental Registration conditions
    Article 2 – Registration Procedure - Invoicing
    Article 3 – Publication and Broadcasting Authorizations
    Article 4 – Accreditation for the Festival de Cannes
    Article 5 – Unauthorized use of the Festival de Cannes & Short Film Corner logotypes
    Article 6 – Unauthorized distribution and advertising
    Article 7 – Sanction in case of Non Payment
    Article 8 – Exclusion
    Article 9 – Terms of Cancellation
    Article 10 – Responsibility of Jurisdiction



    a) Registration is exclusively open to short films:
    Having been produced after June 1st 2022,
    Not exceeding 35 minutes,
    Not broadcasted on Internet,
    Presenting the cinema characteristics of a short film, especially in terms of narration, photography, soundtrack, editing, etc …,
    Submitted by one of the film's right holders, agreeing to guarantee his presence in Cannes during the event.
    Which have not been registered at the Short Film Corner in past editions.
    A same filmmaker can only register one film.
    b) The accreditation granted by registering a short film at the Short Film Corner is exclusively reserved to:
    Directors, screenwriters or actors of the registered short film,
    Companies specifically dedicated in producing, distributing or broadcasting the registered short film,
    Institutions, associations and professional organizations specifically dedicated in the registered short film's promotion, hereafter collectively denominated the "Participants".
    c) Participants are expressly forbidden to make use of products or rights, in any form, in violation of legislative or regulatory clauses as well as of international conventions concerning copyright and counterfeit. The Short Film Corner reserves the right to refuse the registration of any film which is liable to disturb public order, or which may be offensive to religion, as well as pornographic films and films which encourage violence, including all associated poster and documentation. Any infringement of this rule, duly verified, will result in the immediate application of the sanctions laid down in Article 8 of the present Rules and Regulations. Furthermore, the offender will not be allowed to participate at the Festival de Cannes for a period of two years.
    d) Companies, institutions, associations or organizations undertaking registration at the Short Film Corner on behalf of third parties agree to make known and have accepted these Regulations by those registered and they vouch for the perfect respect of these Regulations by all third parties. Moreover they agree to act with perfect respect of the Regulations specified in the Article "1 a)" and to communicate immediately to the Short Film Corner all useful information concerning those registered. In case of non-respect of this clause, registrations will be cancelled and all amounts paid to the Association will remain its property.


    a) The registration is conditioned by the payment of registration fees, defined by the Association. The registration fee for one film is 55€. If the same Participant is registering several films to the Short FIlm Corner, the first registration will cost 55€, the fee of the next registrations will be defined upon the length of each film (3.60€ per minute of film). Once the online registration has been validated on the Short Film Corner website, the Participant is obliged to heed to the present Rules and Regulations of the Short Film Corner and to pay the registration fees in full. Any payment must be made by credit cards (Visa, Mastercard or Eurocard only). The Participant must guarantee the exactitude of all the entered information. The Association will watch the film upon its upload and can reserve the right to refuse registration of films which do not fit the admission criteria laid down in the above Article 1, without any obligation to justify its decision. The registration fees are not refundable, whatever the eventual result of the application. The total amount of films which the Short Film Corner is likely to add to the Catalogue du Court is limited. For your information, the process to accept films will start in February until early April. In order to guarantee a privileged access to all films, the Short Film Corner is likely to unilaterally close registrations, as soon as the quota set by the Association will be reached. At the latest, the registration deadline will be on March 20th 2023.
    b) During the registration process, the film has to be uploaded directly through our secured web server. 
    Only films in original version with English subtitles or films in English will be viewed. Films have to be uploaded by March 20th 2023, at the latest. After this date, the Association will not be able to guarantee the uploading of the film to the Short Film Corner server and its availability in the Cannes Court Métrage VL. If so, corresponding registrations will be cancelled an all amounts paid to the Short Film Corner will remain its property. All films registered at the Short Film Corner will be digitalized. The digitalization quality of the films being dependent on the technical quality of the supports originally uploaded, the Short Film Corner cannot be held responsible for the quality of broadcasting on the VL and the interactive screens. The participant must make sure their film is downloaded successfully by responding to the questions at the end of the downloading process.  In the case of difficulty to upload, we could authorize another upload or a DVD can be requested. All transportation costs, as well as the shipping agent's and insurance fees, are entirely borne by the sender. We inform you that the Video DVD sent will not be returned.


    a) Each film registered at the Short Film Corner is entitled to appear once, in the "Catalogue du Court", under the express condition that the registration has to be validated. The information published by the Short Film Corner will be based on the details given by the Participants in their online registration and will be on the sole responsibility of the Participants; the Short Film Corner can in no way be held responsible. All information given will be used in accordance with the “Loi Informatique et Libertés” dated January 6th, 1978. Access to and correction of this information is possible.
    b) All film registrations give the Short Film Corner the authorization to publish in its communication media, including the printed catalogue and the databases online, elements from the registered shorts films (clips, stills, quotes…), for promotional ends, as well as all the entered information about the Participants, including his/her photo, unless contrary stipulated by letter received to the latest one month prior to the Festival. The Participant guarantees the Short Film Corner that he/she has all rights concerning the copyright of these elements and guarantees the Short Film Corner against any third party action. Moreover the Participant confirms and accepts that participation in all Festival and Short Film Corner events may entail photographic, filmed or digital reproduction, including via internet and mobile phones, whether for promotional or commercial ends.
    c) The Short Film Corner will offer to selected buyers and programmers the opportunity to watch some films on a secure server for five months after the Short Film Corner. An authorization is explicitly submitted to Participants during the online registration.


    Registering a film at the Short Film Corner enables the accreditation of one or two film crew members (director, producer, screenwriter, actor…), worth accreditation for the Festival de Cannes. This badge will be valid during the Short Film Corner | Rendez-vous Industry dates - from Sunday, May 21st to Wednesday, May 24th and will stay active until the end of the Festival de Cannes (Saturday, May 27th, 2023). The badge requests are made online, at the end of the registration. Once the registration is validated, Participants will not be able to make any later modifications concerning the people attending the Short Film Corner. In cases of several film registrations by one organization, the number of granted badges will be decided by the Association, depending on the presence of the directors at the Short Film Corner. Badges are strictly personal and under no circumstances may they be passed on to someone, lent or exchanged, at the risk of the offender losing all rights of access and without any reimbursement of the registration fees. In case of loss or theft, a new badge will be issued and invoiced at a rate of 30 €uros including taxes. In case a Participant is barred, as laid down in Article 8, the said Participant agrees to return the badge or badges given to him if asked to do so by the organizers.
    Finally, the participation to the Festival de Cannes implies an additional contribution for the environmental cause. This contribution intends to compensate the environmental impact of the travel made by the accredited to Cannes.


    The Participant agrees to proscribe any unauthorized use of the ‘palme’ Competition logo, strictly reserved to the films selected in Competition. The Participant also agrees to proscribe the use of any other logo from the Festival de Cannes or the Marché du Film. A participation to the Short Film Corner – forum dedicated to the short film industry professionals – is different from a selection to the Festival de Cannes. In this way, the Participant certifies to proscribe any ambiguity when communicating to third parties.
    Any infringement of this rule, duly verified, will result in the immediate application of the sanctions laid down in Article 8 of the present Rules and Regulations, as well as the cancellation of the film’s registration. The offender will not be allowed to participate to the Short Film Corner and the Festival de Cannes.


    The Participant agrees to engage in no form of unauthorized distribution, circulation or display of promotional elements (leaflets, prospectus, magazines, posters, objects, people…) within the confines of the Festival and the Marché du Film, unless express written authorization has been previously obtained from the Association. Furthermore the costs incurred for cleaning these promotional items, for cleaning or for repairing will be entirely charged to the Participant, who agrees to reimburse these costs. Everyone attending the Short Film Corner is required to adhere to the present Rules and Regulations. Any infringement of the same, as well as non-respect of the security rules, public order and the police, can entail, at the organizer’s will, without an official warning, the immediate cancellation, temporary or permanent, of the Participant's badges without reimbursement of his/her participation fees, the total of which will remain the organizer’s. Furthermore the Participant will not be allowed to participate in the Short Film Corner for two years.


    If the invoice remains unpaid 7 days after receipt of a formal demand, which may be sent to the participant by e-mail, fax, and/or mail, all registrations of the Participant with the Short Film Corner and the Festival will be cancelled for the present year and all ensuing years until payment in full is received. Moreover, the Participant will be expelled from the Festival and will be obliged to return all granted badges.


    Any infringement of these Rules and Regulations, as well as non-respect of security rules, public order and the police, can entail, at the Short Film Corner's will, the immediate cancellation, temporary or permanent, of the Participant's badges, without any official warning or reimbursement of his/her participation fee, the total of which will remain the Short Film Corner's. Where this is the case, the Participant is immediately required to return his/ her badge allowing access to the Short Film Corner's zones.


    In case a participant cancels his/her trip to Cannes, the amount paid for registration will not be refunded and will still be due to the Short Film Corner as compensation.


    Any lawsuit concerning the Short Film Corner between a Participant and the Association Française du Festival International du Film, involving the Short Film Corner, will be under the sole jurisdiction of the Tribunaux de Paris. In case of difficulty of interpretation or disagreement with the English version of the present Rules and Regulations, only the French version will be taken into consideration.
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