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    Getting to Cannes


    5 hrs by TGV from Paris

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    8:30 drive from Paris


    Via Nice Airport

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    Express Bus 210 (Côte d’Azur Express Buses) departs from Nice Airport(Terminal 1) and reaches the Hôtel de Ville in Cannes (near the Palais) in 50 minutes.
    Fares: Single €22 | Return €33


    Taxi Cannes + 33 (0) 4 93 99 27 27
    Fare from Airport to Cannes: around €80

    Getting around Cannes

    The City of Cannes Download
    The Festival Zone Download
    The Palais Download

    Accommodation in Cannes

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    Further information

    For more information on the city of Cannes, please visit the pages of the Cannes City Tourist Office and Cannes Town Hall.


    Beware of fraudulent accommodation providers.


    A venture may attempt to contact you with attractive offers of hotel or apartment rentals for your stay in Cannes, sometimes using the logos of the Marché du Film, Festival de Cannes, or the Palme d’Or without our knowledge.
    The fraud occurs when the participant arrives at the hotel or residence where the booking was made only to discover that a reservation does not exist. The fraudulent companies can no longer be contacted and there is no possibility of having payment reimbursed.

    Marché participants have reported falling victim to fraudulent accommodation providers presenting themselves under names such as: Expos-International, Universal Event Solutions Limited, Premier Destinations, Cannes Events, Euro-Events, Global Living Group, The Ultimate Living Group, Riviera Network, Business Travel International or Expo Travel Group, Universal Shows, Star Eventz,Splendor. If you receive requests or notifications from any of the aforementioned, please be extremely careful.

    For all of your lodging reservations we strongly recommend that you book with one of our partners to avoid fraud.

    Reporting Fraud: If you suspect any fraudulent activity, you can let us know at