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    Rendez-Vous Industry



    The Forum gathers actors of the Industry, develops thoughts about Cinema & Short Films, and fosters interactions between worldwide professionals.

    Understand the main issues of the Industry is essential when you are looking for the development, production and broadcast of a short film.

    Therefore, series of Panels dedicated to major topics regarding the Industry take place each year, animated by renowned professional speakers.
    Questions about distribution, financing, festival strategy, or promotion are discussed to allow anyone to prepare their future.

    In 2022, we had the pleasure to welcome:
    Jason Anderson - TIFF, Aspen Shortsfest ; Jeffrey Bowers - Vimeo ; Inga Diev - Ouat Media ; Anne Gaschütz - Filmfest Dresden, Locarno Film Festival ; Luce Grosjean - Miyu Distribution ; Samir Karahoda - DokuFest, filmmaker ; Lotte Kircher - consultant ; Jean-Christophe J. Lamontagne - h264 ; Marcin Łuczaj – New Europe Film Sales ; Kirsten Ruber - Go Short Nijmegen, THIS IS SHORT...

    The whole program of the Industry Panels, available on free access, will be unveiled early May.

    Follow our news to stay updated on the forthcoming Panels, and to find more about the ones from the past editions.

    To extend the interactions around targeted topics, Keynotes are elaborated in a more intimate space.
    A format designed to allow more direct connections between the panelists and the audience.

    In 2022, we had the pleasure to welcome:
    Hayet Benkara - Festival du Nouveau Cinéma Montreal ; Jim Cummings - Filmmaker ; Elena Diesbach - HFF München (University of Television and Film Munich) ; Aki Isoyama - Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia ; Sébastien Simon - Busan International Short Film Festival ; Mark Prebble - Show Me Shorts François Morisset - Salaud Morisset ; Ben Thompson - Tribeca Film Festival 

    The whole program of the Keynotes (20 to 30 participants) will be unveiled early May. 

    Registrations to the Keynotes open: early May.

    Follow our news to stay updated on the forthcoming Panels, and to find more about the ones from the past editions.

    The Festival de Cannes is the perfect event to gather today’s actors of the Industry.

    Filmmakers, actors, editors, scriptwriters… share their experiences and talk about their career.
    Discussions about the creation process of short, medium and feature films – Directors' Talks and Masterclasses deals with all film formats. 

    In 2022, we had the pleasure to welcome:
    François Jaros ; Evi Kalogiropoulou ; Yousry Nasrallah ; Jérôme Paillard ; Saim Sadiq ; Erige Sehiri, Chadi Zeneddine... and all the filmmakers selected in Short Films Competition

    The whole program of the Directors' Talks & Masterclasses, available on free access, will be unveiled early May.

    Follow our news to stay updated on the forthcoming Masterclasses, and to find more about the ones from the past editions.

    A session dedicated to learn how to pitch.

    Targeted tips to present your short film, exercises to practice on the pitching of your film or future project in the best possible way.
    Two training sessions led by masters in the Art of Pitching, in a work situation set-up.

    Registrations to the Pitch Training Sessions open: early May.

    Professionals of Short and Feature films give precise & constructive feedbacks about your film during a 20-minute individual meeting.

    This workshop helps the filmmakers identify the strengths of their films but also spots which elements have to be improved for future projects.
    It is also a privileged time for meeting key Industry decision-makers, and hence, having the possibility to exchange about the distribution of a film.

    Registrations to the Truth or Dare workshop open: early May.

    > 2022 Participating Decision-Makers <

    SFC participants, filmmakers and producers in Competition or part of the other Cannes’ selections meet major actors from the Industry.

    It is a moment shared by professionals that aims to ease participants pitch their film and future project to festival programmers, distributors, broadcasters and international buyers. SFC Breakfasts are a not-to-be-missed event, an essential to develop a professional network.

    Registrations to the SFC Breakfasts open: early May.

    > 2022 Participating Decision-Makers <

    With the wish of offering more space to young short film producers, this new initiative has been launched in 2022.
    Centered around co-production in the short film field, the event gathers approximately 10 up-and-coming producers who have already produced at least two short films.

    The NEW PRODUCERS ROOM aims to make these producers more acquainted with co-production opportunities through tutoring online sessions, on-site Matchmaking events and access to presentation of short film projects.
    Beyond financial collaborations, it is the opportunity to build strong & enriching bonds, learn co-production skills for the future, and therefore enhance the distribution & the exhibition of forthcoming short films.

    Taking place within Cannes Court Métrage’s week of Rendez-vous Industry, this initiative also sets as a great momentum for emerging producers to meet potential partners and discover promising short film projects part of the Creative Programs (Focus SCRIPT - short in development & Focus WiP - shorts in progress).

    The NEW PRODUCERS ROOM is elaborated in collaboration with European Institutions: Baltic Shorts, Croatian Film Centre, Fédération des Jeunes Producteurs Indépendants, Scandinavian Film, Swiss Films.

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